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Property Management (Cippon Tao Wo)

Cippon Tao Wo is a property management brand of China SCE,member of China Property Management Institute.

The business segments cover villas, garden houses, high-rise residences, hotel-style 手机APP下载, SOHO commercial city complexes, office buildings and others.

Cippon Tao Wo combines the “FUN+ Happy Life” Ecosystem strategy with well-designed “FUN Life” plan to create a high-quality and happy community life for owners and dedicates to be a leader to a better life.  

  • 55+

  • 3200

    million sq.m management area
  • 55

    thousand owners

Take life as a yardstick to measure the eternity of value

Cippon Tao Wo regards serving owners as its responsibility

Adopting the end of user usage scenarios

as the beginning of our creating services

With external and internal cultivation, we will never stop

At the moment you choose Cippon Tao Wo

You are not just choosing a comfortable house

You are also choosing a new way of life

Cippon Tao Wo Property, 21 years of euphoria

Grow with details and achieve greatness with details

Better, richer, more pure and concise and better understand you


审图号: GS(2019)1837号
  • anshan
  • beijing
  • tiajin
  • jinan
  • qingdao
  • linfen
  • xuzhou
  • lianyungang
  • jurong
  • nanjing
  • suzhou
  • wuxi
  • shanghai
  • hangzhou
  • chongqing
  • linan +
  • nanchang
  • quanzhou
  • zhangzhou
  • xiamen
  • huizhou
  • shenzhen